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A new Admin block for production


We are setting up a new production

admin building to accomodate for all our

production staff. We ensure high standards

of work and comfortabillity.

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Welcome to Movit Products Limited

Movit Products Ltd, a cosmetic manufacuturing company was formed after a careful assessment of the community development needs, afeeling of Ugandans as well as a trend in global development.


The idea of developing Movit Products Limited in Uganda dates way back in 1997 but the actual work did not start until 1999.

Contact us
Plot 4454 & 4455 Zana - Bunamwaya, Off Entebbe Road P.O.Box 27109, Kampala, Tel: +256392736801, +256392736802,
+256772736803 Fax: +256 414 200 547/8
Email: info@movit.co.ug