Graduate Trainee Development Program

Our Graduate Trainee program is defined as a formalized, structured, self-directed development program for high-caliber graduates from recognized Universities and Tertiary Institutions with relevant degrees and Diplomas. The Graduate Trainee development program forms an integral part of overall talent management initiatives, as the aim is to recruit  and develop trainees for the long term to fill the management pipeline at Movit Products Limited. Our Graduate Trainee Program also provides a direct and immediate pipeline feed to identified priority entry-level jobs, often roles that are difficult to fill directly from internal or external applicants. 

About the Program

An intensive grounding in essential technical, business and interpersonal knowledge, skills and abilities in order to equip each trainee with the competencies and behaviors required for priority roles in a Manufacturing Company, thereby providing a pipeline of competent talent into these (and subsequent) roles;

  1. An excellent opportunity for employment and development of top local graduates;
  2. A structured approach for transfer of knowledge and expertise from deep specialists within the organization to new entrants, thereby aiding the continuity of corporate memory; and
  3. The MPL Graduate Trainee program is not intended for individuals who have moderate to extensive work experience.
  4. After completing the program, which should take between 12-18 months, the successful trainee should have the required technical and management skills and knowledge to be appointed to a supervisory, management and leadership position within MPL.

The graduate trainee program is based on the philosophy that the greatest learning will take place through Experiential Learning-when the trainees are engaged in doing something of a practical nature. It is therefore essential that trainees are given meaningful tasks to perform that are relevant to the business.

The Learning Model can be explained as follows:

  1. Before a trainee starts the Trainee Program, his/her existing knowledge, skills and experience is assessed to determine the depth of learning that is still required for each module.
  2. On the Job training will combine both theoretical and practical input.
  3. When the trainee is ready to be assessed on a specific module, this is arranged in consultation with the Departmental Head. Who is Responsible for Managing, Monitoring and Driving this process.
  4. In the event of there being gaps identified during the formative assessment, these are closed out by the trainee and re-assessed prior to the formative assessment for the next module.
  5. 5. When assessed as competent on a specific module, the Trainee will then move onto the next module as outlined in the Trainee program.
  6. The Trainee will be given supervised projects or special tasks that will provide the trainee with management experience opportunities that re-inforce the learning during/after each module.
  7. Once all the modules within the program have been successfully completed, then the Trainee is eligible to be Summatively Assessed.
Movit Graduate trainees 2020
Movit Products Limited - Graduate trainees 2019/2020

Application Requirements

  • Strong academic performance (Must have obtained a suitable degree/diploma qualification with at least a second class Upper);
  • Maximum 2 years after graduation
  • Socially-adept at interacting with a wide range of people;
  • Leadership potential; and
  • Action-oriented, proactive, self-sufficient, conscientious, motivated, tenacious, resilient.