Movit Partners With Buganda Kingdom In The Masaza Cup 2017

Movit Products limited is proud to be a part of the MasazaCup 2017. The league was launched by the Buganda Minister of sports Hon Ssekabembe Henry who thanked Movit and appreciated the long standing partnership with the Kingdom. All the 18 Buganda Sub counties will participate in this league. The Masaza Cup is annual Buganda event in which all 18 sub counties of Buganda compete for glory and a grand Prize that is usually decided by the Kingdom. This event usually attracts large number of people which will boost the visibility of Movit Products Limited.

“In Uganda, football is known as the greatest sport when it comes to uniting people of different races, religions, political affiliations among others together as one body. It’s this undisputable power that football has in our society that we considered partnering with Buganda Kingdom in the Masaza cup to identify our seveles with an activity that is so popular among our clientele,” Said Patrick Mwesige, the Movit Products Limited Marketing Manager.

Movit Products Limited invested 20million Uganda shillings in this tournament which is currently ongoing in the different Buganda County commonly known as Masaza. The support towards this Buganda Kingdom initiative come after the management of Movit products limited took a decision to add sports activities particular football its corporate social responsibility agenda for the year 2017.

Movit Products has enjoyed a good mutual relationship with Buganda Kingdom for over 15 years.


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