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Movit Products Limited is Uganda’s leading personal care company manufacturing a range of beauty and personal care Brands. The Company boosts of over 7 brands; Movit with hair care, body care and baby care products, Radiant with hair care and body care products, Tropical Essence with hair care and Body Care products, Skin Guard with Anti-bacterial body care products, Baby Junior with baby care products and Pine and Nan with guest amenities. At the forefront of MPL is its mission: “to enhance everyday living” which is hinged on the company’s belief in an all-encompassing heritage of beauty and family across the globe. This has seen its consistent manufacturing of quality Hair, body and baby care products since 1999.

Movit Products Limited was founded in 1997 with actual operations kicking off in 1999. The company was founded by Mr. Simpson Birungi, an entrepreneur and leading industrialist, with a vision of being “The preferred choice of beauty, comfort and care products in every household”. Since its inception, the company has purposed to highlight the African beauty heritage through the manufacturing of quality products that seek to accentuate and re-define African beauty.

Over the years, Movit Products has successfully innovated and introduced new personal care products, which have steadily become some of Africa’s most preferred around the continent.

Movit Products Limited has presence in over 8 African countries though its products have crossed to over 30 African markets some without market commissioning. The company launched its export expansion agenda in 2006 with a strategic market entry in the Tanzania market whose success birth later expansion into the markets of Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, South Sudan and Zambia. MPL’s growth and expansion journey continues to broaden into other countries within Africa and beyond.

It’s steady growth and expansion agenda, backed by continuous research and innovation into the latest technological advancements within the personal care industry coupled with world-class customer service has seen the company win prestigious awards both at the nationally and internationally.

Some of these include:
a. Uganda National Bureau of Standards Overall Quality Standards Award,
b. People`s Choice Awards
c. Consumer Preference Awards
d. Presidential export Awards
e. Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) Quality Awards,
f. Digital Impact Awards Africa
g. Uganda Manufacturers Association International Exhibition Overall Exhibitor Awards
h. Rwanda International Exhibitor Awards
i. Mwanza International Exhibitor Awards
j. Nairobi International Exhibitor Award among others.
k. Best Employer Awards

Movit Products Limited has also been ranked by Brand Africa as one of the most admired, valuable brands on the African Continent in 2018. 2019 and 2020.


To enhance everyday living.


The preferred choice of beauty, comfort and care products in every household.

Core Values

  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Customer focus
  • Accountability

Movit products Ltd. Popularly known as Movit, believes in the heritage of beauty and family across the globe. With this at the forefront, Movit delved into the manufacturing of quality body and hair Care products and has been at it since 1999. Movit products Ltd. Founded in Uganda by Birungi Simpson an Entrepreneur and leading industrialist was established in 1997 With the aim of building bridges to see that by the wake of the 21st century Beauty meets the African beauty heritage without distorting either. Movit is situated along Entebbe road. The plant seats 25 acres Approximately 101,175 square meters of land of which 12 acres Approximately 48,564 square meters are reserved for future Expansion.

Movit Products Ltd activities since its inception have revolved around manufacturing and distribution of quality Body, hair care and baby care products. Currently, the Company has 6 brands, Movit, with Skin and Hair care products, Radiant established in 2012 with Hair Care products, Skin guard with anti-bacterial Skin care products, Baby Junior with baby care, then NAN & PINE with body care products.