Chief Commercial Officer

David Conrad Nsiyona - C.C.O at Movit Products Ltd

David Conrad Nsiyona

David Conrad Nsiyona is an MBA marketing major and a strategic management guru with not only significant operational experience across multiple international industries but also a strong sales, distribution and marketing background with top management and leadership experience over the past 17 years. Currently providing strategic Commercial direction at Movit Products Limited as Chief Commercial Officer, David is equipped with good business judgment and has in the past provided strategic direction for various companies and overseen the successful implementation of the company’s strategic commercial plans aimed at increased shareholder value.

With the ability to inspire and focus teams to a shared vision in order to deliver the company mission, David has also built sustainable brands and achieved various marketing Key Performance Indicators in terms of top of mind, spontaneous brand awareness, market share, volume sales and profitability over the years. He has also offered consultation service for several clients over the years.

David Nsiyona holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree (Hons) and a Masters in Business Administration, marketing major. He is also an Elected Affiliate member (professional) of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Additionally, he has also attended numerous short term courses in Corporate Account management, marketing, sales and distribution among others over the last seventeen years of his professional career.