Simpson Birungi

 Birungi  Simpson is the  Chief Executive Officer and Founder of  Movit Products Limited which is the leading cosmetics manufacturing company in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Company started business in Uganda more than fifteen years ago. Movit

Simpson Birungi Founder, Entrepreneur Chairman and Managing Director

Birungi Simpson  ,Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Products Limited  was formed after a careful assessment of the community’s development needs for quality hair and skin care products. Movit is now present in ten African countries -Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Namibia, Malawi, Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Birungi Simpson is a captain of  industry in  cosmetics  and boasts of over 20 years in the field  – first as an importer and now as a manufacturer. He is passionate about managing a diversity of Human Resources of the Company to accomplish the set goals – with the near term goal of “Operation Africa”.

He leads our strategy to be the preferred provider of healthy beauty hair and skin care products  empowering every person to face life with confidence.

Movit as an employer of choice has created opportunities for close to 800 permanent staff and 1200 casual workers. The Company is also ranked amongst Uganda’s top tax payers with a production line of over 200 products and growing .