Who We Are


To be the preferred provider of healthy beauty, hair and Skin care products.

Preferred provider of healthy beauty hair and skincare products 

To manufacture the best quality and affordable cosmetics in a timely fashion and efficiently supply them.

Movit products Ltd. Popularly known as Movit, believes in the heritage of beauty and family across the globe. With this at the forefront, Movit delved into the manufacturing of quality body and hair Care products and has been at it since 1999.

Movit products Ltd. Founded in Uganda by Birungi Simpson an Entrepreneur and leading industrialist was established in 1997 With the aim of building bridges to see that by the wake of the 21st century Beauty meets the African beauty heritage without distorting either.

Movit is situated along Entebbe road. The plant seats 25 acres Approximately 101,175 square meters of land of which 12 acres Approximately 48,564 square meters are reserved for future Expansion

Movit Products Ltd activities since its inception have revolved around manufacturing and distribution of quality Body and hair care products.

Currently, the Company has 3 brands, Movit, with Skin and Hair care products, Radiant established in 2012 with Hair Care products, Skin guard with anti-bacterial Skin care products.

Movit Products Office Building

Core Values

  • Hardwork
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Excellency
  • Quality Service